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Hints and Secrets

1. Go to the Head Ace's Place
ok. for the first one, head over to frostville, and go north and out of frostville. go east until you can't go east any more. then go north. you will see a house. go in, and go down through the door. then go down the stairs, and north. you'll see an Icy Ace, giving orders to trainees. talk to the scared guy, and help him. retrace your steps to the place you started from (frostville), and go north again. but this time, go west, and into the cave (you'll need the time key for this). find your way out of the cave, by erasing the time rifts. once out. go a little bit west, then a tiny bit north. you'll see the guy you we're helping out fighting an Icy Ace. he will lose, go and help him. it'll be really easy. now, follow the trail, and see the guy you helped get turned into an Icy Ace. talk to him, and he'll give you and Ice sword.

2. The Underground Town
ok, this is how to get to the underground town. first, go south of center town, and into one of the yellow trap doors (at the forest). you'll be underground. find the trap door that's undergrond, and you'll be in a place with a whole lot of mushrooms. go north, and you'll enter the town.

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