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all of the information pertains too the demon when it was first made, with no power-ups/items.
Demon of the Day 10/25/03 -
Level 58
Class - General
Habitat - unknown
A warrior-demon who wiels a mighty sword of fire that the legends call "Laevateinn"
what I got to say - this demon is strong and a big help. to get him, you need surtzom, then use surt soul and you have the mighty surt. a great offensive and defensive asset
Rank - 9/10 - he's strong and a great ally, but is kinda hard to get.
Demon of the Day 10/26/03
Class - Elite
Area - Helkane Peak
An evil demon who despises life, wreaking havoc whereever his path may lead.
what I got to say - pretty good. level 31 ain't bad and he looks pretty good. a good demon, cuz your level is probobly low enough to use him.
Rank- 7/10 an alright demon, with good attacks. hex comadeus is a really good one. and he also has some hidden powers to get with a demon trainer
Demon of the Day 10/27/03
Class - King
Habitat - unknown
Few can stand against the onslaught of this veneful, power hungry, war-bird.
what i got to say - this demon is a pretty good asset, with teleport and a good sonic boom attack. to get her, it's pretty random. go into the rainy woods, and at the entrance you may see an ogre. talk to the bird, and help her out. win, and you'll get her.
rating - 8/10 - not that many offensive attacks, but a good level of 45 and some pretty good wind attacks. also, having teleport, is a good asset.